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About Us

All products of Veda Series are dedicated to
His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has given a gift to the whole world in form of Transcendental Meditation, a simple, natural and effective technology of meditation. Over six million people have learned the technique from all lifestyles; religions, background, and culture world-wide.

Maharishi has also restructured and restored all forty values of scattered Ved and Vedic Literature. Hundreds of scientific researches have been conducted in more than 200 universities and independent research institutions confirming immense benefits of Maharishi’s Vedic Programmes.

Modern scientific researches reveal, all branches of Ved and Vedic Literature clearly mention and by Indian ancient tradition, we know the benefits of reading, chanting and listening Vedic text, mantras and shlokas. Unfortunately even after fifty seven years of independent India Vedic wisdom has not been introduced in main stream of Indian education and a large population is unaware of importance and benefits of its own Vedic heritage.

Veda Series has taken the task in hand to record and publish Vedic Literature and make it available to masses. All products are produced keeping in mind the requirement of Indian citizens and other citizens of other nations. Introductory text is also written in Hindi and English keeping the global requirement in mind. Veda Series will make available hundreds of titles of audio, video and books in near future.

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